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Risky Business: How safe is your supply chain?

Posted by Katelyn M. DeVan on Mar 9, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Risk is real and supply chain disruptions can have costly outcomes. Aligning with a contract manufacturer that employs a complete product lifecycle management (PLM) program can help you avoid margin erosion, product delays, re-design and re-engineered products. Through our best-in-class component engineering management and global sourcing programs, we learn and plan for market trends before they impact your product's manufacturing. Our comprehensive approach gives us early insight into at-risk parts, which will keep your Bill of Materials (BOM) healthy.

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Success Story: IMS Testing Solutions Collaborates with Kentec

Posted by Katelyn M. DeVan on Sep 9, 2015 9:00:00 AM
When selecting a manufacturing and testing solutions provider, one size does not fit all. Industrial OEMs need more from their suppliers to maintain a competitive edge in today's rapidly developing market. Aligning with the right EMS provider can make the difference in achieving goals like reduced turnaround time and increased customer satisfaction.
So what does that all really mean?
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Demonstrating Unwavering Commitment to Quality [Newsletter]

Posted by Katelyn M. DeVan on Feb 25, 2015 12:16:49 PM

In this month's issue of Envision, we announce details of our latest quality standard achievement as Nadcap recognizes TT Electronics-IMS' fourth global facility for its commitment to the aerospace industry. With the recent award for electronics cable harness assemblies (AC7121) in our Fairford, UK facility, IMS is now one of only two companies in Europe to hold Nadcap certifications for both PCBA and cable harness assembly

Additionally in our newsletter, we recap the MD&M West show that was held in Anaheim earlier this month. We had a great time exhibiting at this premier medical design and manufacturing event and invite you to view some pictures taken by our team. 

Read the full enewsletter here: Demonstrating Unwavering Commitment to Quality

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